Job Opennings

Part of the projects I am working on is running a digital agency, where we provide services like Web Service (these include Website development, Website hosting, Website Auditing, Search Engine Optimization, Online Advertising…), Social Media Service (Social Monitoring, Social media training and outsourcing), Business Analysis and Digital branding.

We have 3 employment spots available, details below;

Business Development Manager

If you live and breath business development. If you are the type that believes in working for your meal.
Experience is an added advantage. We believe in delivery

Get in touch.

Web Developer

Are you creative? Do you have experience with Joomla, WordPress, PHP .. You know the web development coding languages Get in touch. We have awesome sites to build.
Keyword = CREATIVE

Office Administrator [INTERN]

If you are a fast learner, EXTREMELY organised and with good time management skills.
We need you!
Academic qualification are not very relevant, as long as you can write, speak and read good English.

Get in touch, we discuss the details. Email or Skype me on colindnl or Send me a tweet! @cmugume

What Shell Uganda got wrong with Fuel Save

Earlier tonight I saw a tweet from a friend @pkahill who was excited about finding 32 coupons of Shell Fuel Save.

Those that do not know what Shell Fuel Save is, in summary; It is a Shell Uganda (@shellProductsUg) promotion where for every 20,000Ugx worth of fuel you buy, you get a coupon with a code on it which you SMS to 6777 and stand a chance of winning free fuel for a year.

Fuel Save

It is an awesome promotion really. I too took part in it – yeah, I stopped.

Here is why;  I have been using Shell fuel for a while so a chance at winning free fuel while doing what I have been doing all this time seemed awesome. I started asking for my coupons  every time I refueled. I did send the codes to 6777 too.. till I got bored.

First of all there is no confirmation that your code has been received.  A simple reply SMS saying something like “..your code has been submitted, best of luck!” Would have done a lot here

There was no gamification used at all. You can’t know how well you are doing, what chances you have, or how many coupons you have submitted. The whole process is just boring.

Those that do not know what gamification is;

Gamification is the concept of applying game mechanics and game design techniques to engage and motivate people to achieve their goals. Gamification taps into the basic desires and needs of the users impulses which revolve around the idea of Status and Achievement.

There is no mobile notification (to the people that have submitted codes before) about the winners. Hearing that so and so has won after he/she submitted 10 coupons or one lucky coupon, would go a long way to get me sending more codes. As for the radio advert that say please remember to SMS the code – Waste of resources. A reply SMS would have cost way less than the cost of the radio advert.

There is no mention of the end date of the promotion to create urgency for us to submit the codes to beat the deadline. Even the codes I submitted most of them I submitted them days after I got them – there was no need to rush to send them. I have no idea when the promotion ends or when I will win.

I do believe it was a great promotion but it was poorly executed. I am no marketing or branding expert but I do believe that gamification is something that we all ought to know about it.

For those that are still hopefully (and not yet bored like me), here are a few codes that I had not yet submitted, good luck!


My Experience With a Sore [business] Loser

Sometime last year I met a client online who runs an apartment rental services, tours and travel and an art gallery. He is a very friendly and good guy to work with.
What he wanted was someone to transfer his old three basic static (html/css) sites (which were developed a number of years back to) WordPress.

I have worked with WordPress for a number of years so this was a simple task. I put my guys to the task and all was going well until we started getting issues with his hosting company.

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Mobile East Africa 2014

Those who haven’t heard, I will be speaking at this year’s Mobile East Africa conference in Nairobi on 13th February at Southern Sun Mayfair Hotel.


This year’s theme is Expanding Mobile data usage & driving monetisation through industry collaboration

My presentation:

With a current average cost per transaction of 11.89% and $60 billion sent annually from the diaspora is the time right to shake up international money transfer?

CASE STUDY – Introducing Redcore Interactive’s platform

  •  The current international money transfer landscape put into perspective and why it’s due some disruption
  • platform – a service that makes sending remittances to mobiles, faster, cheaper, and more convenient to users
  •  Initial results, feedback and reflections

You can check out more information below;

About Mobile East Africa
The 2014 Speakers
Day 2 Agenda (That is the day I am speaking)